Mobile oxygen supply station

Hospital Use Oxygen Generator with Mobile Oxygen Filling Station:

With PSA principles, Merry Medical's Hospital Use Oxygen Generator with Mobile Oxygen Filling Station can produce 93%±3% purity oxygen gas directly from compressed air. Compared with traditional Bulk liquid oxygen and cylinders oxygen, Merry Medical's on-site PSA oxygen Machine can reduce cost down to 50 percentages. They can produce oxygen by your will, overcoming the limits of distance, location and transportation.

Product Detail

Mobile oxygen supply station

Over ten years’ experience, over 50 countries and regions, thousands of machines running.

Compressed air is purified through the air dryer and filters to a certain level for main generator to work with. Air buffer is incorporated for smooth supply of compressed air thus to reduce fluctuation of compressed air source. The generator produces oxygen with PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology, which is a time proven oxygen machine method. Oxygen of desired purity at 93%±3% is delivered to oxygen buffer tank for smooth supply of product gas. Oxygen in buffer tank is maintained at 4 bar pressure.

Mobile oxygen supply station

For medical use, Merry Medical's good quality mobile oxygen filling equipment are welcomed and popular like hospitals, aquiculture/aquarium,hospital oxygen supply etc, as it consumes only air as material for oxygen generation.

Mobile oxygen supply station


Automatic start-stop, remote start-stop, unqualified oxygen automatic venting, central control of the good quality mobile oxygen filling equipment.

Turn-key solution, pre-commissioned before shipment.

HMI Human Machine Interface enables online displaying&setting of operating parameters including flow, purity, pressure, historic curve recording, and alarming once breakdown.

Less unit cost than liquid oxygen.

EES system (Energy Efficiency System) enables you to produce oxygen as actual demand to lower operating cost.

good quality mobile oxygen filling equipment skid mounted, easy to assemble and move. Vehicle-Mounted for moving purpose.

Mobile oxygen supply station

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